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Did you know?

  •  the state of Arizona recommends that in this soil content for a family of 4 and a garbage disposal, septics should be pumped every 3-5 years. For eljen systems, Yavapai County recommends pumping once every 2-3 years
  •  if you put nothing but solid waste and limit toilet paper use, your septic system will last longer
  • if you clean the effluent screen (2001 or newer) every 6-12 months, it will reduce the possibilty of sewer backup
  • if you use 3-4 tbsp of ordinary baking yeast or bioForce (see products) once a month to keep your system active in breaking down waste
  • if you keep all trees (cottonwood, weeping wilow, etc.) away from septic  system, which includes leach lines, and tank to avoid root invasion
  • if you install (or have installed) septic tank risers, it will reduce the cost of your next service
  • if you limit and/or do not use anti bacterial soaps and bleach, the septic system can work more effectively. These products can kill the active bacteria
  • if you limit and/or do not use the garbage disposal, it will greatly reduce the chances for a backup due to grease and materials which will not break down

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