• We recommend the use of bioForce which helps break down waste in the septic tank.  The product comes in a convenient water soluble packet, promotes septic activity, eliminates odors and protects lines.  This formula consists of a synergized blend of selectively adapted bacillus organisms (bugs) and free enzymes. That combination generates a four phase attack on all forms of organic matter.  One packet contains approximately 300 billion bacterial organisms. Periodic additions of bioForce will assist in maintianing the bacteria levels, to ensure proper functioning of the septic system.
  • We also recommend RootX for root issues which include roots in the leach lines and/or septic tank. RootX creates a sticky foam that leaves a residual above the water line that continues to kill roots and inhibits new growth for up to 12 months. RootX can be used with or without mechanical root cutting equipment, however, if the roots are cut and left untreated, they may come back bigger and stronger. This process will eventually destroy a sewer line and cost thousands to replace.  RootX used annually will greatly reduce this risk.
  • To order either of the above products, please contact us.
  • We also provide risers and/or installation of for easy access to your septic tank.

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